WTTC 2017: First day stats

The first day of the World Table Tennis Championships already finished. More than 300 matches were played, all of them belonging to the qualification rounds.

The numbers

Some interesting stats are discovered after analyzing the results, but let’s start with rough numbers about the action that took place on the 32 competition tables:


A total number of 383 matches were scheduled yesterday: 270 singles and 113 doubles matches. Almost 1500 sets were accounted, which results in an average of 4.33 sets per match. A quite low number, even considering that doubles matches were played to the best of 5, that shows one subtle fact: qualifying matches are usually very uneven.

Let’s see now the set results distribution to prove this last argument:


As can be seen, 4 – 0 is the most repeated result by far, whereas 3-2 or 4-3 are the least repeated ones. This obviously goes against the spectacle, with much less exciting matches. The next graph compares the result difference in all matches:


As mentioned before, a big gap between tight and unequal matches. We will see in following articles if main draw results make a big difference on this.

The reason for this facts that we just presented is simple: there are many unranked players competing in the qualifying round. How difficult is for them to be able to beat somebody with more international experience?


It seems a though task indeed, as only 13% of the times it was the unranked player defeating the ranked one, no matter the ranking position. If we consider the matches where both players were ranked, we have this numbers:


Only 28 matches got both players in the ranking list, which represents only the 7.3% of the scheduled matches. The World Ranking predicted the result 78% of the times, which proves once more the already known ranking validity.

Day 2 preview

Action Tuesday, 30th May will get more thrilling, with the following competitions and rounds being played:

  • Men’s and Women’s Singles Qualification Groups: match 3
  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles Qualification Rounds: rounds 2 & 3
  • Men’s and Women’s Singles Preliminary Round
  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles Main Draw: round 1
  • Mixed Doubles Main Draw: Round 1 & 2

Some big names will start the doubles competition, like Vladimir Samsonov which will compete along with Pavel Platonov or Alexandar Karakasevic, playing the mixed doubles with Ruta Paskauskiene.

Do not miss the action of the second day, either with the live scoring or the video streaming, and wait for tomorrow’s article with the most interesting stats and insights!

* Cover photo: ITTF

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