Social impact of the ITTF media platforms

Six days of competition are a long time for media around the World to publish articles, photos, videos and other kinds of content to engadge and delight their followers. Although not being as popular as others like football, the World Table Tennis Championships are having a remarkable impact on the social media these days.

In this article, we will analyze the ITTF official social accounts to extract some stats about the content published until this moment.

The platforms

For the purpose of this article, we will consider the following social platforms:

  • Facebook: the official ITTF page currently has 377545 followers. It is the main source of social content, as news, photos and videos are regularly published there.
  • Twitter: the official ITTF account currently has 36816 followers, which means that is around 10 times less followed than the Facebook page. It sometimes publishes real time updates like live results, and other kind of media like photos and videos as well.
  • Instagram: the official ITTF account currently has 102801 followers. As of the nature of the platform, it publishes photos and videos, usually with a funny orientation.

The stats

Let’s first have an idea of the amount of content published during these days. The official ITTF accounts published:


As mentioned before, Facebook is the main source of content with 102 posts. This is twice as many tweets as Twitter and around 20 items more than Instagram.

Let’s talk about interactions now. We will consider an interaction any kind of action taken by an user on a certain content. We will have likes, shares and comments on Facebook, likes and comments on Instagram and fav’s and retweets on Twitter.

The amount of interactions is not proportional to the posted items and number of followers, as it is represented in the following chart:


A total number of 305237 interactions have occurred during the last six days. Instagram owns 285321, which accounts for 72.14% of them. Facebook has a 24.72% , while Twitter gets the remaining 3.14%.

Regarding the posted items per day, we have:


As might seem obvious, the amount of content is increasing as the competition goes by and the first finals are reached. The numbers have grown from 18 items on the 29th of May to 57 on the 3rd of June. Has this increasement affected the number of interactions that each item has as an average?


Interesting fact here, as having more content published has reduced the users interactivity. It makes sense though, as with more posted items, the users might not interact in the same proportion with all of them. The most active day was the 4th, with around 1861 interactions per item, while the less active has been the last day, with 1005. However, it must be noted that the latest content will probaly keep growing its impact in the following days, which means that recent content could improve its stats.

Let’s take a look at the most interacted content depending on the time it was published:


The lowest time of the day is between 8 and 12 in the morning, with a ratio of 278 interactions per item. As the day goes by, the interactions grow, reaching its maximum level between 20 hours and midnight.

Finally, let’s analyze whether the kind of content that is published influences the users to react:


Images and videos are by far the kind of content which receives more interactions. However, the Instagram leadership obviously affects this stats, as most of the interactions come from it and image and video is exactly the kind of content that is published there.

Top posts

Which are the most revelant posted items on each of the three analyzed social platforms? Let’s take a look at the top of each of them, based on the amount of interactions it received during the last six days:


The Facebook top post, with 3839 interactions, is the video supporting Yan Lariba after being diagnosed with Leukemia.


On Instagram, Harimoto’s victory against Jun Mizutani gets the award, with 6218 interactions.


Finally, on Twitter, the most interacted post is Harimoto’s victory again, with 3949 interactions.

Do not stop the action

One more day of exciting matches at the Düsseldorf arena. The events to take place today are:

  • Men’s Singles: Round of 16 and Quarter-Finals
  • Women’s Singles: Final
  • Men’s Doubles: Final

As usual, you can keep tuned with the action on table 1 today at:

And do not forget to follow our Facebook page for more insights articles to come!

* Cover photo: ITTF

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